Choso: A Supporting Character in the World of Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen is a popular manga and anime series that has captured the hearts of fans all over the world. One of the standout characters in the series is Choso, a Death Painting Womb and one of the three incarnated cursed spirits. In this article, we will take a closer look at Choso’s appearance, abilities, and powers.

The Appearance of Choso

Choso is a half-human, half-cursed spirit, who has a flesh and blood body that is fully visible to both sorcerers and non-sorcerers alike. He has long black hair that is tied into two high ponytails, small dark purple eyes with thin eyebrows, and a blood mark that extends from both sides of his face across the bridge of his nose. He wears a loose, light tan robe that covers his torso, arms, and legs, and a purple gi-like vest with a round scarf around his neck.

The Abilities and Powers of Choso

Choso is a special-grade cursed spirit who is exceptionally powerful, even by cursed spirit standards. He has been self-aware and honing his cursed techniques for 150 years and has already mastered Blood Manipulation to a level that far surpasses the current Noritoshi Kamo.

Choso Personality

Choso excels in both jujutsu and taijutsu, as seen when he stood up against a master martial artist like Yuji Itadori. He also displayed a host of Blood Manipulation techniques during the battle to seal Satoru Gojo and defeated Naoya Zenin, a special grade 1 sorcerer.

Choso is also highly intelligent and possesses a high tactical intellect. He has been able to experiment and utilize Blood Manipulation in unique ways, using it to swing the tide of battle in his favor. He used Flowing Red Scale: Stack to control the blood inside him when he couldn’t manipulate blood outside his body and successfully pierced Yuji’s liver with a Blood Meteorite.

Choso’s Attachment to His Younger Brothers

Choso has a close and unbreakable bond with his two younger brothers, Eso and Kechizu. When they were reincarnated, Choso told them that they lived only for each other and that they were all one. This bond is tested when Choso learns of his brothers’ deaths, causing him to become deeply upset. Despite his calm and reserved nature, Choso is willing to fight alongside Mahito and Pseudo-Geto in order to avenge his brothers during the Shibuya Incident.

Clash with Jogo over Avenging Eso and Kechizu

Despite fighting alongside Jogo, Choso and Jogo have different ideas about how to avenge Choso’s brothers. Jogo is more abrasive and wants to revive Sukuna by keeping Yuji alive, while Choso wants to kill Yuji outright to avenge his brothers. This difference in opinion leads to a clash between the two cursed spirits.

Protecting Yuji as One of His Younger Brothers

During the fight against Satoru Gojo, Choso realizes that he has the opportunity to take revenge on Yuji. However, before he can kill him, Choso feels his impending death and realizes that Yuji is one of his younger brothers. Choso is quick to align himself with Yuji and devote all his strength to protecting him for the remainder of their time in Shibuya. Choso’s dedication to his younger brothers is a defining characteristic of his personality and is what gives him strength.

The Importance of Older Siblings in Choso’s Life

Choso takes pride in being the oldest of ten siblings and views his relationship with his younger brothers as central to his identity. He believes that older siblings either present the road to travel or the one to avoid, and that perhaps someone like Naoya Zenin is only strong because his brothers are weak. Choso didn’t have an older brother to show him the way, but he stands tall and walks the path ahead of his younger brothers, drawing strength from his dedication to them.


Choso is a complex and powerful character in the Jujutsu Kaisen series who has captured the attention of fans with his unique abilities and high tactical intellect. His mastery of Blood Manipulation, combined with his exceptional skill in both jujutsu and taijutsu, make him a formidable opponent in battle.

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