Granolah the Survivor – A Vengeance-Driven Bounty Hunter

Granolah is a character in the Dragon Ball series, hailing from the planet Cerealia and the sole survivor of the Cerealian race. As a bounty hunter, he was employed by the Heeters and manipulated into fighting the remaining Saiyans. However, his true motivation is to avenge his people and gain the power to kill the tyrant Frieza. Over the course of the Granolah the Survivor Saga, he transforms from an antagonist to an ally of Goku and Vegeta.

The Personality of Granolah

Granolah is a serious and stern individual, who is cold and uninviting. Despite this exterior, he has a great ambition and a burning desire for revenge. He is motivated by his love for his people and a hatred for Frieza and the Saiyans who destroyed his home and murdered his race.

Granolah’s Vengeful Obsession

Granolah is haunted by the memory of the destruction of his city by the Frieza Force and the Saiyans, and his obsession with revenge is a driving force in his life. He lives in a mountaintop home with a clear view of his hometown’s remains as a constant reminder of what he lost. His determination was temporarily halted by the news of Frieza’s death and Planet Vegeta’s destruction, but was renewed upon learning of Frieza’s resurrection. Granolah’s desire for revenge is so strong that it clouds his judgment and he is willing to use any means necessary to achieve it, even if it means destroying the ruins of his own home. Despite being informed that Goku and Vegeta were not involved in the destruction of his race, he remains steadfast in his grudge against all Saiyans.

The Powers and Abilities of Granolah

Granolah Bio

As a Cerealian, Granolah possesses a special right eye that gives him enhanced sight and perception. This allows him to determine his enemies’ weak points and attack them with pinpoint accuracy. He is also capable of rapid-firing ki blasts from his fingertips and using a self-sacrificing attack to generate a massive ball of energy. After his Pure Progress, Granolah awakens a similar power in his left eye, increasing the accuracy and power of his attacks.

Evolved Right Eye

Granolah’s right eye is a key aspect of his power and gives him an advantage in battle. He is able to observe the blood flow, muscle movements, and even the movements of his opponent’s cells, allowing him to determine their weak points and attack effectively. However, after being blinded by Gas, his enhanced eyesight was compromised, and he required assistance from Oatmeel to aim.

Vital Point Attack

Using the enhanced vision of his right eye, Granolah is able to target his opponents’ vital points with pinpoint accuracy.

Evolved Left Eye

Granolah’s left eye was awakened through his Pure Progress, greatly increasing the accuracy and power of his attacks.

Ki Blast

Granolah uses a basic form of energy wave known as a ki blast. He tends to use this technique by holding out his index and middle fingers, simulating the appearance of firing a gun.

Finger Beam

Granolah can release an energy beam from his fingertips by holding out his index and middle finger.

Finger Blitz Barrage

Granolah can rapid-fire a volley of ki blasts from his fingertips with perfect accuracy. After his fight with Ultra Ego Vegeta, he evolved to the point where he could use these rapid-fire volleys from both hands simultaneously while retaining their accuracy.

Alteration-Type Ki Manipulation Technique

Granolah takes a deep breath and focuses his energy into his hands. He then releases this energy in the form of a powerful blast, capable of destroying anything in its path. This technique is known as the Alteration-Type Ki Manipulation Technique and is a unique ability of Granolah’s species. With this technique, Granolah is able to manipulate the fabric of reality itself, altering it to his will. This makes him a formidable opponent and allows him to defeat enemies that might otherwise be unbeatable.

Despite its immense power, the Alteration-Type Ki Manipulation Technique is not without its drawbacks. The technique requires a great deal of energy and concentration to perform, leaving Granolah vulnerable during the process. Furthermore, the technique can be unpredictable and can sometimes have unintended consequences. Despite these drawbacks, Granolah has mastered the technique and uses it to protect his people and to seek revenge against those who have wronged him. With his unwavering determination and mastery of this technique, Granolah is feared and respected by both his allies and enemies alike.

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