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Lydia Moynihan Bio: Everything You Should Know

So, you wanna know all about Lydia Moynihan, right? Well, let me spill the tea for ya. She’s this super cool American news reporter, content creator, editor, social media influencer, and boss lady entrepreneur. People know her as the Wall Street reporter at New York Post, and she’s also workin’ as a producer for Charlie Gasparino at Fox Business Network. But that’s not all, fam! She’s been on TV shows and interviewed a bunch of famous peeps too.

Her Early Life and Education

Now, let’s dive into her early life and education. Our girl Lydia was born on August 8, 1994, in the Big Apple, New York City, United States. She’s the eldest daughter of her fam and a proud Christian. Lydia went to a local high school, did her basic studies, and then graduated in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics with a Minor in Business at The King’s College.

Her Career

About her career, Lydia started as a Marketing Associate at Nasdaq, according to her LinkedIn profile. She did an internship there for like three months. Then, she joined CNBC, where she did 8 monthly internships. Later, she got a job at Fox Business Network as a Production Assistant, where she worked for 11 months. Right now, she’s workin’ as a Producer for Charlie Gasparino.

lydia moynihan

Lydia’s also been an on-screen reporter and presenter. In April 2021, she scored a full-time gig as a Wall Street reporter at New York Post. You can find her articles on the official website of the New York Post. In April 2022, she made some headlines when she broke down Elon Musk’s Twitter bid. How cool is that?

Personal Life of Lydia Moynihan

Now, let’s talk ’bout her personal life. Lydia’s committed, but she keeps her partner on the down-low. She’s into hanging out with friends and is pretty active on social media. But she doesn’t share much ’bout her personal life, so we don’t know much about her past relationships.

Family and Background

When it comes to family, Lydia was born to white American parents. Her dad, Daniel ‘Dan’ Moynihan is a businessman, who is currently living in Washington. Her mom’s name is Priscilla Moynihan. Lydia’s got an elder bro named Patrick Moynihan, who got hitched to Miranda Maurine in September 2019. She’s got some cute pics with her fam on social media, and her Facebook profile shows she has a cousin brother named John Moynihan.

Height, Weight, and Appearance of Lydia Moynihan

Lydia’s about 5’6” tall and weighs 114 pounds. She’s got black hair and black eyes. Her shoe size is 5 US, and her ears are pierced. There’s no info about whether she’s had plastic surgery or not, so we can’t say for sure.

Her Net Worth

As for her net worth, some reports say Lydia Moynihan’s got around $1 million. But there ain’t no official info available about her net worth, so take that with a grain of salt.

Additional Details about Lydia Moynihan


So, there ya have it! Lydia Moynihan is this awesome American news reporter, content writer, editor, social media influencer, and entrepreneur. She’s made a name for herself in journalism, social media, and TV. She’s committed, but we don’t know much ’bout her personal life. Lydia’s got a tight-knit fam, and she’s always sharin’ pics with them on social media. So, that’s the 411 on Lydia Moynihan for ya!

So, you know how Lydia’s been workin’ at the New York Post as a Wall Street reporter, right? Man, she’s been doin’ a bang-up job coverin’ all kinds of stories ’bout business, finance, and everything in between. She’s got this knack for breakin’ down complex topics, makin’ them easier for peeps like you and me to understand.

Her Hobbies and Interests

In her free time, Lydia’s got some pretty dope hobbies too. She’s into travelin’, explorin’ new places, and even hittin’ up some great restaurants to try out different cuisines. I mean, who wouldn’t love doin’ that, right? Plus, she’s all ’bout fitness and keepin’ in shape, which is super cool.

But hey, let’s not forget ’bout her social media game. Lydia’s got a rockin’ presence on platforms like Instagram and Twitter. She’s always sharin’ updates ’bout her work, life, and of course, some bomb selfies. She’s got a solid fan base too, with peeps always showin’ her love and support in the comments.

Lydia’s also been involved in some charitable work, which just goes to show what a kind-hearted person she is. She’s volunteered for various causes and organizations, tryin’ to make a difference in the world. I mean, that’s pretty amazin’, ain’t it?


So, to sum it all up, Lydia Moynihan is this super talented news reporter, content writer, editor, social media influencer, and entrepreneur who’s got a lot goin’ on for her. She’s not just great at her job, but she’s also got a pretty interestin’ personal life, if you ask me. From travelin’ and explorin’ the world to givin’ back to the community, there’s so much more to her than meets the eye. And that’s the 411 on Lydia Moynihan for ya, with some extra flavor, just like you asked!

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