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Robby Keene: A Short Story of Him From Cobra Kai Season 01 to Season 05

Robby Keene was born on February 4, 2002, to Johnny Lawrence and Shannon Keene. However, due to his father’s substance abuse and depression after his grandmother’s death, Robby’s childhood was difficult. His mother, Shannon, struggled with addiction and was not able to provide a stable home for him, and his father, Johnny, was absent and distant. As a result, Robby fell into the wrong crowd and became a delinquent, much like his father.

The First Season

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In the first season of Cobra Kai, we see Robby’s estrangement from his father and his descent into a life of crime. His father, Johnny, attempts to intervene and bring him back to a better path, but Robby harbors resentment and refuses to listen. Things become even more complicated when Johnny reopens the Cobra Kai dojo and takes on a new student, Miguel Diaz. Wanting revenge for the years of neglect and absence, Robby launches a plan to befriend Johnny’s rival, Daniel LaRusso.

Robby becomes hired at LaRusso Auto Group under false pretenses and forms a relationship with Daniel. Daniel takes Robby under his wing and teaches him Miyagi-Do Karate, which helps instill discipline in him. He also grows close to Daniel’s daughter, Samantha, but their friendship becomes complicated when Sam and Miguel break up.

When the All Valley Karate Tournament approaches, Robby is left without a sensei or a dojo to represent. He enters the tournament alone, and despite facing many obstacles, earns a spot in the semi-finals. However, during the fight, Robby’s opponent, Hawk, dislocates his shoulder and he is nearly forced to resign from the competition. However, Daniel emerges backstage, forgives Robby for his transgressions and helps him in the tournament. Although Robby loses the tournament, he upholds his dignity and focus throughout the fight, and Daniel re-opens his dojo with Robby and Sam as his students.

The Second Season

In the second season, Robby begins training with Daniel and his arm heals. While shopping with Daniel, they run into Johnny, and Robby struggles with forgiving him. However, he finds a positive influence and a healthy example of an adult in Daniel, who becomes a mentor and father figure to him. Robby, Sam, and Daniel have trouble getting students to join their dojo, but eventually, they are able to attract a bullied victim named Demetri, who they gladly accept.

Overall, Robby’s character arc throughout the first and second seasons of Cobra Kai shows a young man who, despite a difficult childhood and a strained relationship with his father, is able to overcome his past and become a better person through the guidance and mentorship of Daniel LaRusso. He learns the importance of discipline, respect, and forgiveness, and becomes a positive role model for others.

The Third Season

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Plugging away at the tension, Robby storms out of the dojo, leaving Sam and Miguel confused and hurt. Robby’s anger and hurt over the betrayal causes him to spiral and he turns to alcohol and drugs to numb the pain. He starts to skip probation meetings and gets into trouble with the law again, eventually landing back in juvenile prison.

He realizes that his actions have consequences and that he needs to take responsibility for them and turn his life around. He reaches out to Johnny, Daniel, and Sam, apologizing for his behavior and asking for their help in getting his life back on track. With their support, Robby is able to overcome his addiction and successfully complete his probation. He enrolls in college, studying to become a youth counselor and dedicating his life to helping at-risk youth, like himself, turn their lives around and avoid the mistakes he made.

He reconnects with Sam and they start dating again, with the support of Miguel, who sees that Robby has truly changed and wishes him happiness. Robby’s experiences in juvenile prison, combined with the guidance and support of those he loves, lead him to become a better person and make a positive impact on the world.

The Fourth Season

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It’s clear that Robby has made the decision to fully embrace Cobra Kai and the principles that Kreese instills in his students. He sees the value in using the techniques he learned in Miyagi-Do to defeat his enemies and is determined to win the All-Valley tournament. However, his relationship with his father and with Sam remains strained, as he refuses to forgive them for their past actions and he sees them as standing in the way of his goals.

As the tournament approaches, Robby continues to train and mentor the other Cobra Kai students, including Kenny, who is struggling with bullying at school. Robby’s teachings prove effective, as the Cobra Kai students begin to dominate in the tournament, much to the dismay of Daniel and Sam.

However, things get violent at the prom when Sam insults Tory and a fight breaks out. Robby and Tory ultimately come out on top, but it’s clear that the tension between Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do is at an all-time high.

As Robby prepares for his semifinal match, Daniel confronts him about his decision to teach Cobra Kai the techniques of Miyagi-Do. Robby is unapologetic, stating that his goal is to win and that he will do whatever it takes to achieve that goal. Daniel is clearly disappointed and sees Robby’s actions as a betrayal of everything he learned at Miyagi-Do. The stage is set for a dramatic and intense finale as the All-Valley tournament comes to a close.

The Fifth Season

Robby becomes an integral part of the team as they prepare for the upcoming Sekai Taikai tournament. He works closely with the other students, including Eli and Anthony, to hone their skills and develop strategies for the competition. Along the way, he also helps to build camaraderie and trust among the team, despite their initial skepticism about his past actions.

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As the tournament approaches, Robby and the other Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang students are determined to take down Cobra Kai and restore honor to the dojo. However, they soon discover that Cobra Kai has enlisted the help of a new sensei, Terry Silver, who is determined to defeat them at all costs.

Despite the odds against them, Robby and the others remain determined to succeed. They train harder than ever, pushing themselves to their limits and honing their skills to perfection. As the tournament begins, they are ready to take on Cobra Kai and prove their worth as true martial artists.

In the end, the tournament is a fierce and intense battle, with both Miyagi-Do and Cobra Kai giving it their all. Despite the odds, Robby and the others are able to triumph, ultimately defeating Cobra Kai and restoring honor to the dojo.

With the tournament over, Robby and the other students celebrate their victory and look forward to a bright future. Robby is proud of the progress he has made and is grateful for the second chance he has been given. He continues to train and grow as a martial artist, always striving to be the best that he can be.

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