Zoldyck Family

The Zoldyck Family: The Most Infamous Group of Assassins

The Zoldyck Family is one of the most infamous and deadliest groups of assassins in the world. They are a powerful and mysterious family that live within the walls of Kukuroo Mountain in the Republic of Padokea. The family is known for their exceptional abilities, talent, and reputation for being the most efficient assassins in the world. This article delves into the background, members, business, criminal status, and estate of the Zoldyck Family.

The Background Story of The Zoldyck Family

The Zoldyck Family is a secretive and powerful family of assassins that live in the Kukuroo Mountain in the Dentora region of the Republic of Padokea. The mountain stands at 3,722 meters and is surrounded by huge stone walls guarded by a giant hunting beast named Mike and attendants who are highly skilled in martial arts. The identity of the members of the family is unknown to the public and only a few individuals are aware of what is within the walls of their estate.

Zoldyck Family Group Photo

Members of the Zoldyck Family are trained from birth in the art of assassination, with each member having the privilege to choose the specialty of their abilities and liking as they grow up. The children of the family are allowed the use of weaponry such as pins, bombs, yo-yos, and paper, which are also suited based on their Nen abilities. The members of the family possess unique talents such as resistance to poison, the ability to tolerate high amounts of electricity and pain, and immense strength.

Business Information

Assassination is the traditional trade of the Zoldyck Family, with all members of the family being professional assassins for hire. It is unknown how much a person or organization needs to pay for the services of the Zoldyck, but it is believed to be extremely high based on their reputation, wealth, and the fact that the Mafia’s Ten Dons only hired Zeno and Silva as a last resort against the Phantom Troupe. The Zoldyck Family’s main line of work is assassination, but they also do work that involves disguise and deceit, tracking, and invasion and support.

Their Various Clients

The Zoldyck Family has worked for various clients, including the Mafia’s Ten Dons and Isaac Netero. Some of their most notable works include killing Phantom Troupe member #8, helping Hisoka Morow leave the Spider’s hideout unnoticed, and assisting Netero in separating the Chimera Ant King from his Royal Guards.

The Criminal Status of The Zoldyck Family

Despite being labeled as wanted criminals, the authorities in the world seem to do nothing about the Zoldyck Family. This includes the Hunter Association, whose 12th Chairman hired Zeno on at least one occasion and was friends with Zigg Zoldyck. The only known exception is Seaquant in the past. However, this does not stop bounty hunters and hoodlums from coming to their estate to kill them to gain fame and money rewards.

The Property Owned By The Zoldyck Family

The Zoldyck Family owns Kukuroo Mountain and its surrounding area, which encompasses from the point of the Testing Gate, the dense jungle, all the way to the top of the mountain. The exterior of the estate is heavily guarded, with the walls being made of stone and guarded by a giant hunting beast named Mike and attendants who are highly skilled in martial arts. The interior of the estate is equally impressive, with the family living in luxurious surroundings and having access to state-of-the-art technology and weapons.


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